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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Report On N. TX. Divisional Winter Camp


December 6, 2005

Dear Pastor Tim and Outpost Council,

I want you to know that we had a wonderful time at the N. Texas Divisional Winter Camp. Churches from the south Dallas, Waxahachie and N. Dallas Sections attended.

During the Friday night service, six boys received Christ as their personal savior, six more where filled with the spirit for the first time and 7 boys rededicated their lives.

Of these boys, our outpost had one boy receive Christ and two who where filled with the spirit for the first time.

Tobias Garner showed good leadership potential as the senior guide. Tobias Garner’s patrol guides - Joseph Williamson and Gabriel Del Valle also showed good leadership potential as they carried out the senior guides directives in setting up the camp site; maintaining a clean & safe camp site; and breaking down the camp site.


Stanley Bryant Lewis
Stan Lewis
Senior Commander – Outpost 33


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