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Kindergarten, 1, 2

Grades 3, 4, 5

Grades 6, 7, 8

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

AR - ER Parent Leter 012606

Choice Christian Greetings

Dear Adventure & Expedition Ranger Parents,

There are so many exciting things that are happening this year that I feel that I am going to burst with excitement at anytime.

Camporama is coming up and if your son's have never been they need to experience it. This camp is so awesome that it occurs only one time every 4 years.

Think on this, over 5000 men, boys and young men in one spot. It is so big that it has its own police force of 16 volunteers [from federal, state, county, and city departments]. Each and every day is full of events that will keep your son busy all day and the nightly services will feed your son's spiritual needs.

There is also our Mystery outing. During a Camporama year, we combine our mystery outing with Camporama. So on the way up - on the way back or both, we will take your son's on an outing that they'll talk about for years to come. Last time we went to Silver Dollar City Amusement park on the way up and on the way back. For the junior high and high schoolers, we are setting up a special event called "MO - THE NEXT LEVEL". Not only will they attend the mystery outing and Camporama, but we are attempting to set up a mystery outing - just for them & it will take place just before Camporama

We need for you to meet with us at one of the following times:

1. January 29th, from 12:15 to 1 pm in Room 101.

2. Phone Conference, January 31st, 7-7:55 pm

a. Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-2000 (call this number and when prompted – enter the participant access code and you’re in!)

b. Participant Access Code – 331777

3. Phone Conference, February 2nd,7-7:55 pm

a. Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-2000 (call this number and when prompted – enter the participant access code and you’re in!)

b. Participant Access Code – 331777

Also, we need as many parents as possible at the following meeting:
· February 5th, from 12:15 to 1:30 for a potluck lunch meeting that will cover Camporama and our flower sale fundraiser. CHILD CARE PROVIDED [BY OUR OLDER BOYS WHO ARE RAISING MONEY FOR CAMPORAMA]

We will have a copy of the calendar on hand, parent packet (with outpost info. for parents).

Please ENSURE that we have your email addresses and good contact numbers, so we can keep you in the constant loop of what's going on. This will prevent any last minute surprises. We have a 24/7 site with our calendar, parent related forms/info and news/updates/prayer request. When you get an invitation to this site - PLEASE - approve and opt in.

Also, we have a phone messaging service that will call you 2-3 days prior to an event as a reminder. Each of us has full plates and our kids are so busy that we forget things from time to time. Since we wish to be servants to you, these reminder calls will go out 2-3 days prior

Finally, we have an auto responder service. An auto responder sends out emails automatically at a certain time. We want to enter reminder notices of events, campouts, etc. The service will automatically send out notices to you.

Like I said, we want to keep you in the loop so that events and outings do not catch you by surprise - ever! So please opt in to this also. Your information is secure and will not be given out!

Thank you for allowing us to Reach, Teach, and Keep your boys/young men for Jesus Christ!!

In His Service,

Stan Lewis
Senior Commander
Outpost 33


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